Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Life in a small college town...
So, I often am amused by the "quirks" of living in a small town and figured I might as well share is ok if no one reads them. (Jen, thanks for the push to update this more than once a year!) We love Clemson and Pendleton but also like to laugh about things that seem so simple but well, sometimes aren't so getting a cup of coffee at 7pm on a Wednesday evening...

Tonight, Luke and I went out to see "Bee Movie" at The Astro (more affectionately known at "The 'Stro") It is the fantastic $2 theater in Clemson. The internet said that the movie started at 7pm but when we arrived, it actually was scheduled to start at, what to do. Let's get coffee. Where? Jittery Joe's? OK. So, we drove to Jittery Joe's...closed!! Ah, yes - school is out so things shut down. Where now, well, after eliminating other options because they were either too far away, probably closed, or involved going to the grocery store for coffee, we ended up at Sonic (if you aren't familiar with this chain - which now that I think of it is a year old here in Clemson! We enjoyed our Carmel Mocha Lattes (the total cost for 2 was $4.77 - quite the value, don't you think!?). We enjoyed them while staring across the street at the Starbucks that is under construction...what is happening to our small town?!?! Starbucks!!!
After sitting in the car for 20 minutes - listening to the new Alison Krauss and Robert Plant album - we headed back to the movie theater. And yes, the movie was cute...


  1. I am very impressed Sarah! I wish that we living in the same town. Nick and I would have so much fun with the two of you. We will probably come to HHI in the spring since we have vouchers to use. Maybe you could come down for a day or two. :-)

  2. sorry, I wish that we WERE living in the same town. You would think that I didn't know how to speak my own language. Have a good night friend!

  3. so good to catch up with you two! we'll be in seattle this week if you want to come and visit too, you coast jumpers you!


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