Monday, September 06, 2010

1 to 30...

we're almost there...but not quite finished.

today I did accomplish a handful of things:

wrote a letter to my future self (as suggested by Terry DeBarger)
the coffee is poisoned (get it?!)

wrote a letter to the president (one we thought of earlier and was also suggested by beth jamison).  i invited him to come over for dinner the next time he is in the bay area.
join us for dinner!

ate a new vegetable (as suggested by jenifer johnson)
dandelion greens and parsnips
why, yes, that does look like a giant weed!
once was probably enough.  might eat parsnips again though.

AND!  i finally registered to start taking counseling classes!  this is something I've talked about for years...
back to class!

in the next few days i'll do a review of the process...  i'm hoping to continue on in someway in the coming year. 

does anyone read these posts? 


  1. Your blog shows up on my safari home page. Such a fan of your writing!

  2. You know I do! Happy birthday dear friend!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yes! And happy birthday. I should note, my 30s have far exceeded my 20s so far!

  5. I have been LOVING these posts, Sarah. So fun! Happy, happy birthday!

  6. I do! I wonder if you'll get a reply from the White House?

  7. I've been following, Sarah! Great idea. I may have to do this leading up to 40....which is a ways away ;-)

  8. i read them! way to go on the counseling classes! jealous! :)

  9. Yes, I read them too!

    Yay for CCEF--are you taking Dynamics? I may take 'Helping Relationships' this fall!

  10. oh, and P.S. I'm pretty sure that's a snowman stamp on the letter to the president! funny! Maybe he'll come because he likes the humor?

  11. Yep!

    Oh, and parsnips are lovely in winter soups. I cook them with carrots, fennel, turnips, onions, etc.

  12. peggyc10:56 PM

    yes, i'm here :)
    i've been loving these 30 to 30 posts.
    so inspiring!
    happy big birthday, sarah!
    the 30's have been way awesome, imo :)


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