Saturday, August 28, 2010

10 to 30...

Take a (half) day *off*...

Today I was on my own for nearly 5.5 hours!

Luke took Nealon (who slept the first and last 45 minutes of my time away)...they played, walked, shopped, ate, screamed, cried, bathed, and slept...  Thank you, my love! (Nealon refuses a bottle these days and doesn't quite have the hang of a sippy cup yet.)

I had a massage (thank you Groupon and Mother's Day!), explored Los Gatos (lovely!), went to Target, and picked up dinner.  I returned home a little more relaxed and had in my possession a box of diapers, some clothes for Nealon, thank you gifts, and one of Luke's favorite meals.

The afternoon was nice!  I'll have to do it more often (yes, Luke?).  It wasn't that easy to make it happen though.  Got to be good about actually blocking the time off and saying no to things and arranging work responsibilities, etc, etc...

I tried to enjoy slowly...

We also (which gets to count as an addition to the 30 to 30 list) opened up a bottle of wine that we've had for a few years now.  It actually moved here with us from South Carolina.  It was a gift from the president of major league baseball...  (Thanks, Bob!!) We opened the white, there's still a nice bottle of red waiting!  Got you wondering, don't I?

Nealon is still sleeping now!  This may be the longest "break" I've had from him since he came home in December.  I'm actually wanting him to wake up!

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  1. Oh this makes me so happy! You deserved every second of your fun! I know Luke loved seeing you so relaxed and happy. You have a great husband and I hope he continues to give you those HUGE 1/2 days off every month. Love you friend!

    P.S. Check out our blog to see the Nealon/Annabelle post. :)


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