Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Geared up!
7 to 30...

Ride a Motorcycle!
Against my better judgment, I did it!  I rode on a motorcycle.  Working in physical rehab and adaptive sports has me wary of this mode of transportation.  I figured that I needed to do something "dare-devil-ish" and this totally beat sky-diving in my book!

Our friends, the Kozdons, brought one of their bikes over.  Jen let me wear her helmet, jacket, and gloves and Jeremy took me for a quick ride around the block.  It was fun!  Jeremy is a good driver!  Checked that one off...not sure that I need to do it again.

Jen and Luke gave me permission to put my arms around Jeremy so I wouldn't fall off.

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  1. Things I did not know about you or Jen :) I have a sneaking desire to ride a motorcycle, but having seen the full body armor some of these guys where has made me a little leery. Of course the fellow I know with full body armor also says he has no fear of speed and has to purposely not buy really fast bikes so he doesn't kill himself. Exciting!


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