Wednesday, August 25, 2010

13 to 30...

Create a cocktail!

I'm definitely no bartender.  Can hardly even open a bottle of wine...

Tonight I create the "Sardini"  (get it...Sardine, Martini...Sardini!!!)

It was a concoction of berry juice, lemonade, mint simple syrup, and vodka.

Quotes from the consumers (my guinea pigs):

"It's better than sangria!"  - Ed

"I'd seriously choose to drink it!" - Luke

"DE. LISH. US" - Erica

Anyone want to come over tomorrow night? 

Sardine comes from SARah broDINE


  1. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I do! And I love the Swedish Fish garnish! Oh, and I look reading your birthday countdown. Makes me smile :)

    Hannah C.

  2. Yes please but let's wait until I'm not pregnant. Can't wait for Thanksgiving turkey and sardini's!!

  3. niiiiiice! looks pretty!

    i get hug erica/ed next week and i can't wait.

    hop in their suitcases, ok?

    love you!


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