Friday, August 13, 2010

25 to 30

Go on a real, grown-up, double-date!

Yes, Luke and I have gone on several dates before but tonight seemed a little more grown up.  A real babysitter, a real dinner reservation, real friends, real [good] food, a dress and a dry cleaned shirt.  Luke even cleaned out the car!  (Who cares if the babysitting was *free* as part of an exchange for services set up, and who cares if we used a generous gift card towards dinner.  That just made it even more enjoyable, right?!)

Dinner was at Evvia in Palo Alto.  The other couple was the Herrmann-Hollenbecks.  Batman was dining there.  He even had his motorcycle valet parked.  Our waiter was excellent.  The food was amazing!

Batman's motorcycle and me
Yes, those are real guns on front and yes, that dress had been in the bag of clothes I attempted to sell yesterday.
Laura and Jay


  1. Yay! So glad it was fun!

  2. i LOVE that dress! what a fun evening!

  3. i love that you wore the dress that you tried to sell!! i would totally do that!
    and again, i LOVE this list your doing!


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