Thursday, August 12, 2010

26 to 30 - fail!
Failure wasn't the task for today.  I fail all the time.  Failure was however the result of what I attempted to do.

Today I had every intention of selling some of my clothes.  Getting rid of things is often difficult for me and something that I'm often trying to do. So, selling some of my clothes seemed like the perfect solution, right?  Well, not the way I went about it.

I selected about 12 of the nicest items* that I was thinking of getting rid of and proceed to go to Plato's Closet where they buy gently used clothing and then sell it again.  I'd never been there before but thought I'd give it a try.
For Sale!
As they looked through my clothing to decide what they would take, I looked through the clothes on sale and overheard what they were telling other people - "we'll buy two of your items and give you $9." - "we'll buy three of your items and give you $6"...  I felt like i was probably in pretty good shape to do better than these other gals!  As I looked at the clothing for sale, I wished that I'd brought some of my target clothes with me.  When my turn to talk with them came up i was told, "sorry, we won't be buying any of your items."  Ouch!

The sign when I entered should perhaps have been an indicator to me.  They were looking for teen and young adult clothing.  Now that I'm almost thirty, perhaps I'm no longer a young adult.

Too bad I'm not a size 4 and don't shop at forever 21!

Here is the cash flow for my day:

Gas - $6 (spent about an hour in the car round trip.  The store is in San Mateo)
Parking meter - $1
Payment for clothing - $0

I spent $7 today trying to make money....

Now do I try consignment or do I just go to Goodwill?

* Including lacoste, Ralph lauren, anthropologie, DKNY, etc.  As a general operating rule, I don't like to spend more than $20 on any item of clothing.  Under $10 is even better.  All of the clothes I was attempting to sell either came from a sale rack, marshalls/tjmaxx/Ross, gifts, or were purchased with my clothing allowance at a former job.


  1. I thought about consigning some of my clothes, but most consignment shops (at least in NOVA) only take designer labels. You may be able to sell your Ralph Lauren?

    This is a great idea, BTW. I'm enjoying your blog :)

  2. I have even gotten my things rejected by the Goodwill! Don't feel too bad. It is hard to part with did a good job. I'd just donate them. To prevent rejection, I just stuff everything in a black trash bag, drop it off, and race away...

  3. Loving all these posts, friend!

    This one made me laugh.

    I will be in town Saturday and Sunday this week--would love to participate in one of your weekend 30 to 30 projects!!

  4. They are INCREDIBLY picky there, and age prejudiced. I went in there on my way to the gym, with Asher on my hip. They looked me up and down (bc I was in workout clothes) and then proceeded in an incredibly condescending tone to hand me a brochure and remind me that they only take "certain" brands and that this was a store that catered to young people. I wanted to punch her in the face :)


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